Congress Matters

Defending Our Schools

Will Congressman Kurt Schrader Defend Oregon Schools from the Federal Government?

In May, Obama’s Departments of Justice and Education informed the nation’s school systems that they must allow male students to use female restrooms and locker rooms if that student identifies as a woman (and vice versa) – or face the loss of federal funding.

This is flat-out coercion by the federal government. Oregon’s citizens should make this decision for themselves, acting in the best interests of their schools – not have it forced onto them by policymakers in Washington, D.C.

Will Kurt protect Oregon’s schools, their students and their parents, or will he submit to this federal assault on local government? His record is not encouraging. Kurt voted with the Democratic Party leadership of the House 86% of the time. And he has had a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign, the gay rights organization which strongly supports forcing this federal policy onto the States.

Make sure we elect someone we trust to put our schools and our State first. Not special interests in Washington, D.C. Tell Kurt its time for a change in leadership