Congress Matters

Leading Us in the Wrong Direction

Why Do So Many People Believe We Are Headed in the Wrong Direction?

With only a 30% approval rating, we all understand that absent leadership in Congress is the reason our country continues to steam on towards a cliff. Our current congressman, Kurt Schrader is not fighting for the solutions he promised us. In fact, he is one of the worst perpetrators of absent leadership. When it comes to what people care about, Kurt Schrader is oblivious. 

When asked why our country is headed in the wrong direction Oregonians most often cited:

1. The Economy

2. The Rising Costs of Healthcare

3. The Gradual Loss of Personal Freedom

4. Leaders Do Not Respect My Values.

On each one of these issues Kurt Schrader stands at the center of the problem in Washington, DC.

The Rough Road Economy

The fundamental reason the people of Oregon’s 5th Congressional District believe the country is headed down the wrong track is because the U.S. economy is not working for them.

Rising Cost of Health Insurance

A third of Oregonians have experienced an increase in their premiums this year - increases up to 33%. Who has received nearly $1 million dollars from insurance companies and the health industry? Kurt Schrader.


Disprect for Our Values

Why is it 72% of Oregonians in the 5th congressional district feel their personal values are not respected by the media and the popular culture? That’s nearly 3 of 4 people who feel this way...