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Stifling the Economy

The Economy Stopped Producing for the People

The fundamental reason the people of Oregon’s 5th Congressional District believe the country is headed down the wrong track is because the U.S. economy is not working for them.

People depend on the economy to provide good jobs at good wages, the opportunity for personal growth, reward for hard work, and the means to create and enjoy a family. When the economy is not working, people – through no fault of their own – are prevented from reaching their goals in life. And the economy is not working.

The economy is basically not growing. New jobs are not being created, businesses are not being started, existing businesses are not expanding. The economy is currently growing at an annual rate of 1.4% rate, the weakest rate of growth of any period since 1949, excluding recessions.

The middle class pays the price of this slow growth. The rich are doing fine in the current economy, because stock prices have been driven up so much by the Federal Reserve’s artificial inflation. The middle class are the people denied opportunities for full-time employment and a family-friendly wage.

95 million adults aren’t in labor force, meaning they have given up looking for a job.

6.1 million are “partially unemployed,” forced to take part-time jobs when they really want full-time employment.

Little wonder, then, that 62% in the 5th District think that the actions of the U.S government are rigged to benefit those who are rich and well-connected. And large majorities say the US government is holding the economy down through excessive regulation (66% say so) and out-of-control spending (76%).

In his eight years in Congress, what has Kurt Schrader actually done to reduce spending and regulation?